Establishing School Readiness

By Editors, NCLD Staff


How do you know if a child is ready for kindergarten? The time that you spend with a child every day can give you lots of information about how he or she is progressing. Many states and school districts have developed kindergarten readiness checklists for their educators to use.

The kindergarten readiness indicators checklist in this section is an example of what some states are using. It has been developed to help you ensure that the educational experience of the children in your care gets off to a good start.

Here is what you will find in this section. You can use all of the resources listed here, or just choose what will be most useful for you.

Creating an “Early Learning Passport”

Use this helpful guide to create an “Early Learning Passport” for each child.

Kindergarten Readiness Indicators Checklist

This is a short checklist that helps you keep track of skills that children have mastered as they move through the pre-kindergarten year. You can use one checklist for each child, and check off skills in the fall, winter and late spring. Some children will not possess all of the skills included here, but that will not prevent them from entering school. This is simply a list of skills that will give you, as an early educator, a place to begin in preparing children for entering kindergarten. Go to the Kindergarten Readiness Indicators Checklist.

Kindergarten Readiness Indicators: Observation and Activity Guide

This is an in-depth guide to the kindergarten readiness indicators. It helps you know what to look for when you observe a child and gives you a place to write down your observations. The guide also includes some ideas for skill-building activities for each skill that can be done with a child who needs some help. Go to the Observation and Activity Guide.

Drawing and Writing Sample Template

Use the template at the end of this section several times during the year to collect writing and drawing samples from each child.



Download this Establishing School Readiness Introduction in PDF form.


Suggested Tip!

Encouraging Ideas

Make it easier to practice skills at home: send a skill-building activity home each week. When possible, send it in the family’s native language(s) to encourage all family members to join in the fun.
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