Dialogic Reading Video Series

By NCLD Editorial Staff

Dialogic reading is an interactive technique based on the extensive research of Grover J. Whitehurst, Ph.D. This technique encourages adults to prompt children with questions and engage them in discussions while reading to them.1

By expanding on the child's responses, encouraging children to retell stories, and by reiterating the names, objects and events in the book, dialogic reading helps young children build and reinforce the basic language and literacy skills that will make them successful readers.

Watch videos of Dr. Whitehurst discussing how dialogic reading can help support language learning:

Dialogic Reading
Pretend Reading
Importance of Talking about Books
Learning in Low-income Families
Preparing Children to Learn to Read

1Dialogic Reading: A Shared Picture Book Reading Intervention for Preschoolers by Andrea A. Zevenbergen and Grover J. Whitehurst.

Video courtesy of Reading Rockets.


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