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Supportive Materials for GRTR Screening Tool

Whether you’re getting ready to use the Get Ready to Read! screening tool or you’re looking for literacy skill-building activities to use with your child, the following materials are designed to support your next steps.

For Parents
  • Webcasts: The Get Ready to Read! Screening Tool
  • Activity Cards
  • Online Educational Games
  • Literacy Checklist for the Home

For Educators
  • Webcasts: Get Ready to Read! Screening Tool
  • Activity Cards
  • Literacy Checklists for the classroom or child care program
  • Early Literacy Webinars


Suggested Tip!

Be Ready for Reading

Bring a book to your child’s next doctor’s appointment to ease the wait.  And, leave a book where you keep your reusable shopping bags to make the shopping cart a rolling reading room
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