to the Transitioning to Kindergarten Toolkit

By Editors, NCLD Staff


Too often, preparation for kindergarten does not begin until a month or two just before kindergarten begins. However, transition to kindergarten is a process that is most successful when it is carefully planned out over the entire pre-kindergarten year. Whether a child is in preschool, child care, or spending time with parents or caregivers at home, there are many ways to make the transition to kindergarten successful for children and for their families.


The year before kindergarten is also the time for parents and teachers to think about a child’s strengths, talents, weaknesses, and personality as well as how that information will be passed on to the child’s new school. Social skills such as feeling comfortable in a group, asking for help when it’s needed and knowing personal information (such as name, age, gender) are important skills for young children to develop as they get ready for school.


This toolkit includes tools and materials that will help you implement strategies to facilitate this process and enhance a child’s transition to kindergarten. Whether you are a school administrator, early childhood professional, child care provider or kindergarten teacher, you will find practical and easy-to-use tools, materials to pass along to parents, and resources and guides to steer you through the process. You can use everything in this toolkit, or just pick a few pieces that will be most helpful for your particular situation.


Recognizing a child’s strengths and early signs of difficulties with learning, responding with appropriate activities and learning experiences, and passing that information on to the child’s parents and future teachers are all necessary steps for a child’s success in school.


Suggested Tip!

Encouraging Ideas

Make it easier to practice skills at home: send a skill-building activity home each week. When possible, send it in the family’s native language(s) to encourage all family members to join in the fun.
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